“Easy To Fall” by Estella Dawn

On the list of ultimate anti-love songs sits the likes of artists such as Sara Bareilles and the iconic Alanis Morrisette with tunes that have made fans around the world sing in unison about the ill-fated ways of romance. Well, joining them in those ranks this year is Estella Dawn with her latest, “Easy To Fall.”

“Easy To Fall” does not doubt the existence of romance nor does this song want to ward people away from falling for anyone. This song just displays the all-too-familiar situation people find themselves in when things just start to fizzle like a wary sparkler on the Fourth of July. Estella Dawn delivers this reality-based sentiment with infectious, soulful vocals that are brightened by the blasts of pop-driven moments. It is definitely a song that has a “sing as loud as you can with friends over wine” feel to it that is as refreshing as a bottle of rosé. 

This New Zealand-born dynamo now resides stateside in the US and has been working on music for a handful of years now. Her debut, “Feet,” kicked things off in 2018 and since then Estella Dawn has released almost a dozen singles including “Buzzcut,” “Salt,” and her latest, “Easy To Fall.” Fans have always enjoyed her cool, calm, and collected sound, and having already released three singles this year – fans are already yearning for more.

To hear what Estella Dawn has going on now, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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