“Time Will Tell” October Brigade

“Time Will Tell” is the latest release by the Chicago-based duo and Rising Artist veterans, October Brigade. This new collab with Maya Mikity is an earworm – the type you find yourself humming all throughout your day. Atmospheric production pairs with the delicate vocals phenomenally. Less intense than their usual releases, the band manages to redefine their sound while still sounding familiar and exciting.

When hearing the name October Brigade I’ve come to anticipate high energy production paired with emotional lyricism and easy-going melodies. On “Time Will Tell ” the atmospheric energy dominates the vibe of the song. Effervescent vocals felt like they were floating over top of the groove while the unpredictable instrumental complimented and contrasted the song’s ups and downs. Whenever a new voice entered the texture it happened almost seamlessly allowing the song’s energy to morph and evolve.

What sets this song apart is how cohesive everything sounds. I’d constantly find something new happening that fit perfectly alongside the other voices. From the lyricism to the diversity of emotions captured there was always something new, cool, and just plain enjoyable going on. “Time Will Tell” will make you want to dance as well as mellow out and relax.

Hollow synths through the solo and vibe change took the song in a cool new direction then effortlessly clicked back moments later. Drastically different, yet virtually the same it showed off the instrumental excellently. From the microphone feedback that kicks off the groove to the song’s fade-out there’s never a lull in the energy. Instead, October Brigade and Maya Mikity keep everything light, atmospheric, and entertaining for the entirety of “Time Will Tell”

“Time Will Tell” by October Brigade is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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