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Review & Interview: “Closer” by Tristan Price

Minnesota-based artist Tristan Price dropped his long-awaited “Closer” on March 25, 2022. The song trended on the popular creator app, TikTok before Price released it. Jimmy Fallon also featured “Closer” on The Tonight Show when Joe Jonas duetted the song’s open verse challenge. It has even racked up over 20,000 plays on Spotify.

First thing first, “Closer” is a more mid-tempo, pop and R&B cross that pulls you in immediately with the first few notes. The percussion is catchy, fitting the song well. It has a tighter feel that makes me think “closer” too. Tristan’s voice is smooth and calming with a great range. With spring flings and summer loving coming soon, this song hits all the right notes at just the right time.

Lyrically, the song is about (you guessed it!) getting “Closer” to someone. It’s about intimacy and love and romance – all the things you would associate with a spring fling after Valentine’s Day. Or, of course, some summer loving – basically any short romance. “Baby, baby, baby. I wanna get to know ya, so come a little closer.” It is a simple phrase echoed by Tristan Price, but it effectively gets the song’s story across. 

Tristan Price has been on the music scene since dropping his first release “Tell Me Where” in 2015. I do not look for things to change as the artist has had a boost since trending on TikTok and appearing on The Tonight Show. But what’s next for this young artist? Big things, we hope. Follow him on his socials linked below the interview.

Q&A with Tristan Price

Q: “Closer” has such a cool vibe. Did any real life experiences inspire it?

TRISTAN: Thank you! The use of the word “Closer” and creating a song about connecting was definitely inspired by the state of the world. This track was created during the pandemic, where we all lacked connection and we’re separated from each other for so long. So, it was nice to write a song about bonding with those around us.

Q: Joe Jonas duetted “Closer” on your Open Verse Challenge live on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. What was that like for you?

TRISTAN: It was surreal. Seeing Jimmy Fallon say “Closer by Tristan Price” live on TV felt like a dream, and seeing Joe Jonas sing a full verse to the song was just incredible. Definitely a moment I will never forget!

Q: What was the creative process like for “Closer”?

TRISTAN: I created “Closer” about six to eight months ago at my home studio. I received the beat from SIXZIN and loved the vibe. So, I recorded a freestyle of a variety of melodies over the beat until I stumbled across “Baby, baby, babe, I wanna get to know ya”, and the song came together from there. Although, the track originally contained an open second verse for someone to feature on the track, I eventually decided to go back to it three months later to add a second verse in case I wanted it to be a solo release.

Q: Who would you love to work with?

TRISTAN: I would really love to work with Kehlani and Lil Wayne someday. As an R&B artist, I love Kehlani’s ability to create incredible melodies and incorporate true life stories into her music. As a Hip Hop artist as well, Lil Wayne has been an inspiration for me from the very beginning of me becoming an artist and has influenced music for my entire generation.

Q: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

TRISTAN: My go-to karaoke song has always been U Got It Bad by Usher. It is a great range for my voice and is one of my all time favorite songs and one of my biggest inspirations as a songwriter/storyteller.

Q: What are you working on now?

TRISTAN: Right now, I am in the process of putting together my first album. There is no set title at the moment, but I have been creating music every day, collaborating with many artists and will continue to release new singles each month to give the audience a taste until it is perfected and ready for release.

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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