“Hard To Love” by Aglet

Irvine, CA solo act Aglet is I a DJ / producer, and although he does not play an instrument,he says that he “plays” the computer, which is an instrument. An instrument is described as is a device created or adapted to make musical sounds…..That seems like a computer. Aglet has produced a song that will 100% make you dance. “Hard To Love” was recorded in southern California and written/sung by Sam Montana.

Aglet calls “Hard To Love” an electro house track with a ton of energy and catchy vocals that’s perfect for the car, club, or a party. Once you hear the latest single you’ll understand, this song will have you bouncing off the walls, headbanging and calmly driving with a smooth headbang. It’s the party song and it’s the chill song that you can easily zone out to.

Sam has made relatable lyrics and Aglet has provided a beat that just won’t quit, the combination of the two is the reason why over 15,000 people love this song. According to Aglet and singer/songwriter Sam Montana, “Hard To Love” is about being hard to love, and not knowing what the next step in your relationship will be.

Aglet has provided the perfect song for the summer time, it is known to be breakup season. This is a song that you won’t be able to get enough, it’s hard to not love “Hard To Love”.

“A high energy house party anthem” – Aglet

Written by Jaye Maverick




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