“Steady” by Brianna Jade

The “from another room” sound at the very start and very end of “Steady” by Brianna Jade gives off the intimate vibe of overhearing a girl singing alone in her bedroom, a unique quality that immediately drew me in. Though the song certainly brings you “2000s RnB vibes,” the vintage yet modern “from another room sound” reminded me of “Must Be Love” by Young Bae, which samples 70s disco/soul artist Alton McClain and Destiny.

The vocal part in “Steady” is a sultry siren call to the song’s subject to join her in bed, but the song is also a much deeper love song. Lines like “Tell me what you wanna do, because I can’t stop thinking about you,” serve the double purpose of referring to both the intimacy she wants to experience with the subject in the moment and the couple’s future together, solidified with lines like, “Visualize my future, see you there too.”

The single’s cover art depicts Brianna Jade posing in a black lingerie set and a cowboy hat covering her eyes, a subtle pun on the song’s lyrics, which include, “I’m gonna ride.” The hoop earrings she is wearing and the black and white tones give the album art a vintage feel that goes with the classic sound of the song, particularly the vocals, which reminded me of the 70s soul I mentioned earlier.

Brianna Jade is a Bronx-rased singer-songwriter that released “Steady” on February 4th, 2022. This single was preceded by one another, “Space,” that she released in 2021. We loved Brianna Jade’s “Steady,” and we’re looking forward to more releases from her!





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