“From 3 to 5” by Izzy Adams

“From 3 to 5” by Izzy Adams captures an intimately beautiful performance. Upheld by some simplistic production, this song combines poetic lyrics and poignant melodies to make something intensely moving. If you’ve ever felt lonely, helpless, or even just insecure in a relationship, this song will doubtlessly feel cathartic.

The track starts with a gorgeously orchestrated piano part, which continues to flow underneath the verse. Izzy’s voice injects a warmth into the sound, gliding tastefully from note to note with obvious skill. Background vocals fill out the rest of the tonal space, creating a sense of balance and comfort. Izzy utters the phrase, “I don’t know what I’ll do if you leave me to my own devices / crippled by my vices…” seamlessly transitioning from verse to chorus. The piano mimics her melody, strengthening the trajectory of this change.

The chorus swells with strings and guitar arpeggios as the melody gets higher. The structure of this part solidifies, making it catchy and memorable. The lyrics become more desparate. The chord choices bleed angst. Everything about the chorus is heart-wrenching. Just as quickly as the chorus starts, however, it dissolves back into a verse–this time bolstered by a kick drum, a bass guitar, and some snaps. This verse unfolds pretty similarly. The momentum continues into another prechorus and chorus, picking up and dropping instrumentation in all the appropriate places.

The second chorus welcomes a short, broken-down bridge. The piano plinks out some high notes as Izzy sings, “Take me away,” repeatedly. Then, there’s another, even more dramatic chorus that tumbles into a second bridge. This bridge is by far the most fascinating part of this piece. The rhythmic identity completely changes, slowing down and emphasizing different divisions of the beat. The piano and melody verge on sounding classical. It’s an undeniably unique and powerful way to end the song.

Izzy Adams created a mesmerizing atmosphere with this performance. This is an active invitation to listen to, get lost in, and fall in love with this track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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