“Swing My Hip” by mUmbo

If you have fallen into the comforting arms of modern blues yet have been longing for a bit more edge, then “Swing My Hip” is for you. Combining aspects of EDM’s pulsing synths with overlapping edgy guitar solos and jazz-inspired, story-like vocals, the genre-bending duo, mUmbo, paints a vivid sonic space for listeners worldwide. It may not the intended purpose of the song, but I see this being featured in a movie scene that highlights the fashionable, main character as they walk through a futuristic city-strip filled with pastel and neon colors.

Following this band’s musical journey, their songs have explored many genres. In the release of their debut album, “I Fly With Swallows”, they experimented with more psychedelic rock sounds and folk-like harmonies. However, with their newest single, it seems they have settled into a heavy and multilayered, dreamlike guitar sound, which I wholeheartedly enjoy. This most recent release, Swing My Hip is my personal favorite. 

Right from the beginning, mUmbo dives into the electro jazz realm through the incorporation of a punchy guitar sample and funk-like rhythm to back it up. Adding in another steady, delayed guitar progression and reverb-filled vocals to create a full sound, this duo puts their own spin on what seems to be a genre-defying, retro futuristic funk song. 

Focusing on delivering the best to their listeners, “Swing my Hip” builds off of a collective of different guitar samples by Doug MacGowan to create a soothing, electro-jazz sound you can get lost in. Listeners will be pleasantly lulled by the soft, smooth, jazz-tinged vocals, sung by Emma Semple. Though I am in love with the vocals, I must admit, understanding the lyrics is a bit of a challenge if you are not presently and actively listening to what Semple sings. Although there is a small lack of articulation, it elevates the dreamlike atmosphere mUmbo delivers. Swing My Hips will lead you down a rabbit hole until you fall away into their ethereal, sonic world. 

Written by Natalie Elena






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