“Trying” by Calvin Ryan

Redefining the flavors of contemporary hip hop music, emerging artist and rapper Calvin Ryan is ready to shake things up with his latest track ‘Trying‘. This single is a blend of alternative hip hop and R&B music with bittersweet lyrics balanced by a smooth guitar progression and overlapped by a plethora of harmonies. 

Hailing from New York, Calvin began his musical journey in 2020 with his first release “Diving In” and has since been on a roll, racking up fans and listeners from all over. Well seasoned with over 8 singles to his name and a few features in other projects, Calvin independently writes and produces his own music with the help of a few artistic friends who often feature in his music as well. 

Following his previous single, “High Stakes Roller”, an almost psychedelic Hip Hop song with strong, striking lyrics featuring artists Dugotii and Nephxw, Calvin Ryan continues to both deliver to and impress his listeners with “Trying”. Also featuring fellow artist JD, intensity is the name of the game with this song. Not only does this song explore different instrumentation than Ryan’s previous songs, (incorporating a smoother, softer piano and guitar sound, as well as classic trap beats) but the lyrics go into depth about the intensity of being your own downfall. With lyrics such as “I’m dying on my own. I thought I found a way” and “Girl I want you /  I’m sorry, I know I fucked up at the party / I’m drowning all my sorrows in Bacardi”  Calvin repeats “I’m drowning” until the instrumental track almost disappears as if its going underwater –  a creative mixing tactic to give the song a journey to follow. 

Unmarred, Ryan meanders through this darker soundscape with sharp vocal clarity and emotive lyricism. Though the lyrics may be melancholic, the intensity of the beat as well as the piano create a hypnotic space. The instrumentation in combination with its sorrow-filled lyrics cut through to whoever is listening and pierces the heart. “Trying” is the perfect song to blast through your headphones if you are in a heavy-hearted mood and in need of some downtime. With 2 songs already released in 2022, Calvin Ryan is in full throttle in his musical journey and I cannot wait to see what he does next.

Written by Natalie Elena







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