“Temporary Gold” by Sofia Dragt

“Temporary Gold” by Sofia Dragt, a singer-songwriter from The Netherlands, is a peaceful, hopeful, gorgeous song. This acoustic pop single flows in a narrative style, detailing a bike ride and Dragt’s connection with the nature around her. “Temporary Gold” is a lovely reminder that life goes on, no matter what’s happening around you, and it’s up to you to be present with that knowledge. 

Dragt feels like nature is her “temporary gold.” The duality of nature lies in its restlessness and tranquility. Animals, winds, plants, and other people are always moving, yet nature provides a safe place to stop and breath despite all of that. Dragt “used the wind to get closer to the things [she carries] on [her] shoulders.” Her time outdoors is her time to reflect and let go of the things weighing on her. 

The rippling instrumentation and soft vocals in the verses draw you into that feeling of tranquility and that motion of water flowing. The melodies build and grow stronger in the chorus, particularly towards the end of the song, making sure to show that joyful freedom that comes after experiencing a transformative time in nature. 

“I just let it go ‘cause I found back my temporary gold.” Adversities happen, rivers flow, and we move on. We find peace and know it won’t last forever- but we also know it will come back. Our “temporary gold” gives us a time of respite and comfort to support us through hard times. Sofia Dragt expresses that perfectly in this lovely song, “Temporary Gold.”

Written by Emily Cushing





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