“Sanctuary” by John Leslie Hulcombe

John Leslie Hulcombe delivers a safe space in song form with his new song “Sanctuary.” With vulnerable lyrics and captivating instrumentation, this song is about feeling lost. Hulcombe reflects on his life and searches for his sanctuary in this moving track. 

“Fell into trouble the day that I was born.” Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’ve been behind your whole life. For whatever reason, you got off to a bad start, and ever since have been searching for a way to feel safe. Hulcombe feels out of place- the world doesn’t feel right and even his mind plays tricks on him. Even though emotions like this make us feel isolated, “Sanctuary” gives us the comfort of knowing that we are not alone in those sentiments. 

The sanctuary Hulcombe describes is “a place to hide when the world drags [him] down.” When reality becomes overwhelming, we all need a place to breathe. Finding one can be hard, though, which Hulcombe describes by saying “I can’t hide in the mountains and I’ve been lost at sea.” Nature can sometimes provide solace, but its vastness is intimidating. 

Despite the heaviness of the lyrics, “Sanctuary” is still hopeful. Hulcombe pictures his warm and sunny sanctuary where he will finally be able to feel peace. This song’s relatability provides relief to the listener, but it also aims to inspire you to find your own sanctuary. At the very least, you can be sure it is out there waiting for you. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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