“London” by Anastasia Elliot

“London” by DIY pop rock act Anastasia Elliot immediately draws you in with dreamy, rich vocals. This quality comes from Elliot’s natural talent, but also her background of being classically trained in both opera and piano.

But the real kicker of “London” comes in when the chorus hits. The song shifts from primarily vocals and a delicate, subtle instrumental accompaniment, into a powerful, euphoric rock anthem. The buildup and ensuing release gives “London” an addicting quality that makes the track super catchy. It’s easy to imagine this song feeling right at home in a movie adaptation of an insanely popular Steampunk YA series.

Elliot is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and admits in the song, “I’ve never been to London.” But the cover art of the single certainly depicts her as an Anglophile, surrounded by teacups and British flags in an elaborate dress and towering hat from a bygone era or a fictional world. The album art also depicts Elliot surrounded by purple smoke; promotional photos for the single depict Elliot sipping bright purple tea. This reflects Elliot’s identity as an “independent purple haired rock goddess who mirrors her entire life on the philosophy of being born to the purple.

“London” depicts the narrator telling her true love of the past lives they’ve lived together as soulmates across previous lives, brought together again and again through space and time. The past life specifically called back to in this track is one the pair lived together in London: “What if I told you, in some other life? I’ve always been in love, Always been in love with you.” All in all, it makes for a powerful premise, fitting with the pure dynamite of the sound.





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