“Hotel in a Hurry” by Skylar Lee

Crisp vocals, beautiful melodies, and descriptive lyrics all culminate together to create the intriguing storyline of “Hotel in a Hurry” by Skylar Lee. Lee is a pop artist based in Nashville, and sings about the doubt that comes with leaving a relationship in this new single. 

“Leaving you feels like leaving a hotel in a hurry.” The hook of this song is a unique metaphor, where Lee compares leaving her relationship to that panicky feeling of packing up and rushing out of a hotel room. When you leave in a hurry, you pack inefficiently and don’t check behind you. 

Lee says “I didn’t stop to double check if I’d regret it.” She made a decision and didn’t reconsider until after it was too late. Second thoughts are plaguing and painful, and all too common after the end of a relationship- especially when you are the one who ended it.  

It’s hard to know if you’ve made a good decision when the painful change is still so fresh. It’s easy to think heartbreak and sadness are synonymous with regret. Maybe Lee did leave something behind, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She says “maybe I left something I don’t need and I’m just making myself worry.” All her worry and doubt is just her head trying to make sense of the heartbreak. Lee’s inner conflict shines in the emotion of her vocals, as well as in the melodic and ambient instrumentation of “Hotel in a Hurry.”

Written by Emily Cushing





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