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Review & Interview: “Loved Me Well” by SYNJ

The 9th of April 2022 brought us “Loved Me Well” by SYNJ. The song is her debut single. SYNJ wrote the lyrics alongside Avery Roberts while Dipherious produced the track. I may be a little obsessed. The song is clearly about a toxic relationship and I feel like we’ve all been there – especially the line about putting the blame all on ourselves.

So, how much is “too much” when it comes to toxic behavior in a romantic relationship? Or a job? Or a friendship? How much is “too much” when it comes to toxic behavior in family members? This song shines a light on some of these things and makes you think. What would you do if you were put in a situation like this? What have you done? Have you set your boundaries with those who are toxic in your life? Have you cut them off entirely? Low contact? Just remember, they “never really loved me well” as the song puts it.

So, what is my favorite part of this song? I would have to say the vocals shine in this. SYNJ is truly a talent to watch. It’s also got a catchy beat, though. Still, my absolute favorite part of this would be the lyrics. It’s such a beautifully written song with a great meaning. If you’re looking for songs with meaning to sing along to (or send to people it fits), this is definitely the song for you. 

SYNJ was born and raised in Orange County, California and says that her music is heavily influenced by R&B and Pop musicians of the 90’s and 2000’s. To stay up-to-date with them, follow their socials linked at the end of the interview.

Q&A with SYNJ

Q: We love your vocals! What was the inspiration behind “Loved Me Well”?

SYNJ: Thank you so much! “Loved Me Well” is really just about leaving a toxic relationship with someone you thought cared for you, but was just taking advantage of you. It could be an ex, a former friend, a job, any relationship–it was written to be open to your own interpretation. Honestly, this song was completely different when I originally started writing it, much more of a sad ballad, but I just didn’t feel like that was the right vibe and there were some other issues with it so I just ended up scrapping it.

In 2021, I decided to try to start over with a new producer, my good friend Dipherious, and write it with more of a bad-bitch-screw-you energy, and it just flowed and felt so much better. We still ended up using some of the original vocal arrangement from the other version at the very end, which my other good friend Avo arranged for me, and it worked out perfectly.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?

SYNJ: I don’t think there was ever a moment in my life where I didn’t think music was going to be part of it, but I never knew exactly how it was going to happen. I was always surrounding myself with music and grew up singing in choir at church and school, and I always wanted to release my own music.

However, I constantly doubted myself and my abilities and felt like there was no chance for me to pursue that dream as a career, especially once I got to college and realized that a music degree was not for me. I think doing a cappella in college is what really helped me find my voice again, and I was able to meet incredible people like Avo and Dipherious who encouraged me to pursue music again. The last 2 years I’ve spent so much more time dedicated to improving my skills and pushing myself to make it happen, so I’m excited for what’s coming next!

Q: How would you describe the music scene in Orange County?

SYNJ: I feel that the music scene in Orange County is definitely not as big because we are so close to LA, and LA is where most of our opportunities are. A lot of people from OC claim to be from LA (they are very different though), and I think that has also reduced the amount of recognition OC gets in the music scene, especially since there is a lot less happening here. However, there are so many talented artists that come from this area that are creating and doing amazing things, like John Lindahl and Colette Lush, and I hope it continues to grow and get more recognition! 

Q: You’ve worked with Jason Mraz, Natalie Weiss, and Ben Bram. What was that like?

SYNJ: These were crazy opportunities that I could have never imagined, and I’m so thankful that I got to work with them! I was freshly out of high school when our choir and all the alumni were invited back to sing with Jason Mraz at our choir teacher’s Grammy celebration concert, and it was so surreal. I grew up listening to and singing his music, so the fact that I got to sing with him was incredible.

Natalie Weiss is a true gem, and she’s pretty much the main reason I can riff! She came and did a workshop with my former college a cappella group, and it was really helpful to get feedback from her as a professional vocal coach to help us improve our vocal technique. Ben Bram is a huge name in the a cappella world, and as an a cappella nerd myself, getting to sing for him along with the fact that we were in Carnegie Hall was insane. I’ve always imagined myself meeting these people once I become famous, but that always seemed so far away. I feel very blessed and privileged to have had these experiences, and I will always remember these key moments in my life and career as I continue to grow.

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with if it could be anyone in the world?

SYNJ: Oh gosh, that’s so difficult! I would have loved to meet and collaborate with Mac Miller, who was one of the most talented musicians that I still look up to. However, I would definitely love to collaborate with JoJo or Bailey Bryan if I could. We love some sensitive bad bitch energy!

Q: Any parting words for your fans?

SYNJ: Thank you so much for all of your support, I honestly would not be here without the encouragement and love I have received from y’all over the years. Also, stay tuned for more music coming later this year!! Be kind to yourself, drink your water, and don’t forget to breathe! 🙂

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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