“Laniakea” by Petar Dimov

Photo Credit: Olivia Da Costa

Creativity is always about pushing oneself to new heights, and there is no doubt that Petar Dimov is soaring with “Laniakea.” Not only in the way it came together, but the result – it is masterful and quite the audible adventure. So let’s not waste any more time and set sail on this soundscape.

Around two years ago Petar Dimov set out to broaden his own “Laniakea” and he did just that. Almost three dozen musicians from every which way around the globe embraced “Laniakea” with their own style and essence, then Dimov took them all and created what you are hearing today. Which is a true cinematic experience. This song covers a wide array of styles and genres too. While they are all set in an instrumental plain, what came forth in emotion and execution was a wild ride that went everywhere from a space odyssey to something you may hear in the grand scheme of a Disney movie. 

Those who are true audiophiles are going to be left a gasp as “Laniakea” delivers in a new and creative way that does not disappoint. This is the first of what Petar Dimov hopes is an abundance of creations that follow this creative collaborative path. All proceeds from “Laniakea” will go towards the performers who helped elevate this track, the visual artists, as well as future projects. To hear and support this excellent piece of music, make sure to check Petar Dimov out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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