“Dreams from Hell” by Staytus

Scottsdale, Arizona solo artist Sam Grundemann aka Staytus is crazy multi talented. The 25-year-old is a composer, songwriter, musician, vocalist, audio engineer, and producer and also an Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator of Music and Postproduction with college degrees in art, audio production and sound design, Staytus is a master at creating soundscapes that are expansive, loud, and modern.

Staytus describes her music as a seismic first strike on the goth/industrial scene, making music about heartbreak, despair, resentment, and reality slipping away. The song, “Dreams From Hell,” is the first single off upcoming album “Disease Of The Mind.” She describes “Dreams From Hell as a sonic, visceral piece describing the pain and anguish of experiencing abuse over and over again

The heavy yet soft song is surely going to make you love the music from Staytus, her vocals are unmatched. The soft screams with her soothing singing is going to win you over, her style is very goth, post punk and gritty. It’s hard to hate music when it’s as great as “Dreams From Hell”.

The distorted song “Dreams From Hell” is relatable and when a song is relatable it makes you love than artist even more, it makes you feel less alone and like you can conquer anything. Don’t be surprised when Staytus has become your favorite artist.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Svodufo Photography




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