“Come Apart” by Sister Jack

Independent artist from Seattle, WA is post punk producer Sister Jack. “Come Apart” is the second release from the artist and it is very exciting. Post punk is a fun, dark and unique genre that usually seems reserved for UK artist. Here is Sister Jack keep post punk alive in the US. He made this entirely by himself in his room with his computer and a few guitars. The raw sound was produced cheaply but that adds to the grittiness to it.

“Come Apart” has a dark yet beachy sound to it, Sister Jack is bringing heavy guitar sounds to post punk. When things in your life start to fall apart, it makes your life feel like it’s falling off a cliff. The song was released only a few days ago and you can already see how this song will become a favorite amongst many people.

This is the type of song you dance to under a red light, the very nostalgic feel will make you want to grab a dance partner and just let loose. This feels like a song that you can play no matter what you’re feeling. Solo artist Sister Jack is sure to become a favorite artist of your, you will play his two songs on repeat and become obsessed.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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