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“Monster” by Back to Yours

Catchy and full of hard rock vibes with a hint of pop sneaking in, “Monster” by Back to Yours hit the ground running on April 22, 2022. The band says that the song came from the concept of things not being scary until someone else says they are.

Writers Bryce Kassalow and Daniel Luttway wrote “Monster” from the perspective of someone being chased by their sleep paralysis demon. “Right behind me there’s a…Monster, only just a dream away.” An interesting fact: sleep paralysis affects more than 3 million people in the United States alone. For many, it’s difficult to get the right balance of treatment and I think “Monster” points to that. 

While the writers may have intended the song to be about sleep paralysis, it could just as easily be from night terrors. This particular sleep disorder affects only 2% of adults. Of course, I’m sure anyone can find a way to relate to this song somehow. 

What I love most about “Monster” is the transition from headbanger to upbeat pop. These two elements should not fit together as well as they do. When that’s all said and done, we slow things down with a repetitive “Maybe I’m insane”. I highly recommend listening to this song with headphones. There are lovely little waves of things you might not catch otherwise.

Back to Yours formed in 2019 at Georgetown University. The band is comprised of Aiden Jones (bass), Bryce Kassalow (guitar, vocals), Daniel Luttway (keys, vocals), Jiaan Mansuri (drums), and Tommy Levin (guitar, vocals). To stay caught up with them, follow their socials linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan




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