“New Kid on the Block” by Yung Papi Bonito

Coming all the way from Canada…Calgary to be exact, comes hip hop artist/rapper Yung Papi Bonito. He’s been doing music for sometime now and it is what helped him cope with losing his parents. You have felt a moment at least once in your life when you feel like a certain song or just music in general saved your life, that is the exact feeling that Yung Papi Bonito has as well. He aims to make people feel like they can use his music as a release.

A video needs to be as powerful as a song, it makes the song better and you can feel the emotions more when you can see how the artist views their own song. Yung Papi Bonito has created a beautiful new school video that takes you on a trip between two new rivals, the story of being the “New Kid on the Block”.

After you watch the video you reaction will just be to stare at the computer with your mouth agape, you’ll realize the two stories that he’s telling and it will give the song a different meaning. When he flipped the switch, he really flipped the switch.

He may not have been on your radar before but he most certainly is now, Yung Papi Bonito will become a favorite rapper of yours. It won’t be long before you’re adding him to your playlists. Don’t be surprised when people start to know his name.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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