“Instinctual” by Lou Emery

If you’re tired of waiting for Dua Lipa to release more music, Lou Emery may be able to satisfy that craving. Her latest release “Instinctual” combines trendy, electrifying production, a powerful vocal delivery, and a veritable undercurrent of musicality. One listen will leave you wishing you’d discovered her sooner.

Verse one spirals in with a brief swell of vocal samples, landing on a solid, organically performed vocal melody. Lou croons, “I’ll regret you in the morning, this I know, / So catch it while you can.” The ambiance intensifies as a few more percussive elements trickle in. A swelling synth propels the verse into a dynamically satisfying pre-chorus. Background vocals glissade sensually behind the ever-escalating melody. Lou’s chord choices here somehow manage to be both accessible and esoteric, all while bolstering the thematic integrity of the song.

The chorus provides exactly what the build-up promised– a catchy, danceable, climactic hook. As Lou belts, “I’ve come undone,” the instrumentation executes these divinely anthemic hits. The harmonies adhere tightly to the vocal line, emphasizing all the right words and rhythms. While the accompaniment thrums its cadential chord, the tagline flings us into a quiet yet intense post-chorus.

Another verse and chorus soar by, only to be followed by an awe-inspiring bridge section. This frenetic string line pierces through the mix, prefacing the high-pitched, atmospheric melody. Lou’s vocal prowess is on full display as she cries, “Oh I could use you, / ‘Cause my head’s been full of him again.” The building trajectory climaxes with one last high-energy chorus and concludes with a familiar, motif-filled instrumental outro.

“Instinctual” is a pop banger suited for anyone and everyone’s summer playlist. Whether you’re in the mood for dissecting some seriously meticulous pop production or just grooving along to something infectious and catchy, Lou Emery will deliver.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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