“Weave” by Grant Borland

Photo Credit: Blake Yard

There is one major thing about Disney’s ‘Bambi’ that people remember, leaving the masterfully done animation and the beautiful score by the sidelines. This is unfortunate because it’s one of the most well-done animated movies, ever – and it was done long before computers came into the picture. All of that said, I was reminded of such grace when I pressed play on “Weave” by Grant Borland. His latest single took me back to being five years old, rewatching one of my favorites on repeat. 

In particular, “Weave” reminds me of the scenes in which it’s clearly morning and the rain from the night before is over and done – and all the animals are starting to emerge. Grant Borland’s latest is very much that, a song that bears the weight of a new day, but bears it with ease. There is no struggle in this arrangement. Only a sense of forward-moving calmness washed over me like a warm wave with every listen. With this very classical meets ambient moment, Borland has created, he’s given way to a very tranquil soundscape. 

Grant Borland released his debut single, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” back in 2016. After that it was a minute before his return in 2021 with his first EP, ‘Garden.’ Four songs deep, ‘Garden’ presented grand, emotive musical experiences. Now he’s back with his latest, “Weave” to show even more of what he can do. To hear all of the above, make sure to check out Grand Borland on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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