“Shelter” by Neon Fields

Neon Fields is a band from Warminster, UK, they were formed in 2020 amidst the pandemic. Vocalist Ed Barrett, drummer Luke Russe and keyboardist/guitarist Piers Ward all had a hand in forming the industrial rock band. Though they do describe themselves as industrial rock with cinematic soundscapes to create their brand of electronic alternative rock.

“Shelter” was recorded and produced separately in the band members home studios and the track was mixed by Jack Daffin and mastered by Calyx Mastering.

Have you listened to “Shelter” yet? Is it stuck in your head? Good….that means Neon Fields is doing something right. According to the trio, “Shelter” began life in 2021 as a project called “In The Bunker” which inspired them to write lyrics centred around a family forced to go down into an air-raid shelter. The story is told from the point of view of the father determined to hold it together for the good of his family, despite the fear and desperation he feels inside.

Vocally, this song is unmatched. Ed’s soft, soothing voice will have you floating off to the heavens, the subtlety of the drums is exactly what is needed to set the mood for the song. If Neon Fields wasn’t your favorite band, they will be now.

“We hope that the meaning and emotion behind this track resonates with the listener and encourages them to truly think about the reality Ukrainian families are currently facing. That this song leads them to donate what they can to a charity aiding the Ukraine relief effort.” – Ed Barrett

Written by Jaye Maverick





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