“The Other Side” by Pale Cousin

When listening to “The Other Side,” it is as if Terry Boosey was transported here from the Golden Era of film, with his saxophone stepping in as the Humphrey Bogart of today. As Pale Cousin, this is what he presents with his latest musical take on the artistic expression of everything noir. 

With the press of play, “The Other Side” turned my world into various shades of black and white. While the color was gone, replaced by hues of gray, the imagery was still as vivid as could be as the softness of the piano balanced out the main character energy of the saxophone, giving way to this seductive meets mysterious jazz aesthetic. Putting a sensual air out into the world with every note, Pale Cousin paints scene after scene in this cinematic-sounding new single that could have been plucked right from movies like ‘The Big Sleep’ or ‘Double Indemnity.’ 

“The Other Side” is the newest single from Pale Cousin, and the third this year. The Ireland-based multi-instrumentalist just started releasing music in 2022 with his debut, “Between the Cracks,” which had that same jazz influence but differed with lyrical components. With the follow-up single, “Ladders,” Pale Cousin blended modern alternative moments with his signature jazz. So with his latest, he pulled back and gave way to a more traditional noir-inspired jazz piece for fans of the more classic sound. 

To hear all of those, make sure to check Pale Cousin out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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