“Oh Child” by Brendan Lane

Photo Credit: Bruno Takii

If someone had magically fallen in love with me growing up in my small town in the middle of nowhere, America back in the day – I would have loved for them to have penned me a song as endearing as “Oh Child” by Brendan Lane. Earnest, straightforward storytelling at its finest. 

In a time where love is found way beyond the confines of one’s hometown, there is an antiquated romance to unearthing deep-set emotions locally. Perhaps that is why “Oh Child” struck a chord with me, and will do the same with many others. That, and the fact that Brendan Lane presents this narrative with such ease, that one cannot help but hop on board and listen closely to the tale he is spinning with melodious imagery. 

Musically though, this song gives a lot. There is this Americana aspect to the way it all comes together, a hint of Country in his delivery, but an indie meets folk spirit that carries it home. It is a bit of a grab bag that you want to keep going back into for more surprises. 

Having been set on making music his thing since he was a child, Brendan Lane officially went all in last year with his first single, “Magic.” His debut EP, ‘Sweet Tooth,’ soon followed. Since then he has released three more singles including his latest, “Oh Child.” To hear all of that and more, make sure to check out Brendan Lane on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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