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Review & Interview: “Still Call You” by Pineapple Island

New York based producer Pineapple Island just dropped his latest single “Still Call You” with artist KELLIE on April 29, 2022. May 12, 2022, the music video hit YouTube, gaining over 20 views in its first 15 minutes of availability.

“Still Call You” features a dark, slow built intro with KELLIE’s soft soprano lending another layer of magic to the track. By the time the percussion hits, we have reached the chorus. It’s beautifully done. Every sound in the track is perfectly placed with the right tempo and amplitude. The mid-tempo beat makes for quite the head bobbing while the lyrics make you want to sing along. Lyrically, the song is about going back to someone who might not be the best for you. You still call them despite the fact that they treat you like dirt. “You fuck me up and I still call you.” It’s just something we’ve all been through, I think. 

The music video for “Still Call You” puts all the focus on KELLIE and Pineapple Island in a more closed space–an attic. There’s a light show going on behind the duo and some camera play to emphasize KELLIE when she’s singing and Pineapple Island as he mixes. It’s simple, but beautiful and does the song justice.

Pineapple Island says that synesthesia “helps him create dark and atmospheric arrangements.” While he excels at these arrangements, he does enjoy creating upbeat, feel-good songs as well. Pineapple Island has a new EP coming soon. “Still Call You” is the first of five off the EP. To know when “Spectrum” drops or for any other news from this New York producer, follow his socials linked below.

Q&A with Pineapple Island

Q: “Still Call You” is powerful from the vocals to the mix. What was the inspiration behind it?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: I think a lot of the inspiration came from just how in sync KELLIE and I were with the vision for this one. It’s a great combination of KELLIE’s incredible vocal performance and an emotional production, which I always aim to achieve. The chord progression is triumphant, but the bass and atmospheric synths give it a dark and ominous feel. This mixed feeling was what me and KELLIE built the song around.

During our session, KELLIE and I were talking about our day, and one of the first things she said was “I think I’m losing my mind,” which ended up being the first line of the song. It’s about hanging onto somebody who you know is bad for you, yet you still need and rely on, even when you know the relationship won’t last. KELLIE is an unbelievable writer and had a great direction of where to take the story. We were definitely on the same page in terms of writing and production, and you can really hear that in the final product

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process for “Still Call You” (or your upcoming Spectrum – or both!)?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: I started the production for what became Still Call You at the end of a frustrating, hours-long session where I struggled to find inspiration. I was about to break for the day, but then I found this weird sound that inspired me to come up with a lead melody, and within minutes, I had the framework for the drop.

One thing I especially focused on in Still Call You was building the energy of the song gradually through KELLIE’s vocals. The track begins spacey and atmospheric, but by the second hook you can feel how the vocal is much more dominant and drives the energy of the song. Vocal arrangement is one of my favorite parts of making a record, so this song was especially fun for me to make.

Many times after the song is basically finished I like to go back in and change parts of the production to perfectly fit the vocal. With Still Call You, I decided last-minute to switch out the main lead synth for a cleaner and more melodic one that you hear in the released version. I wanted the track to feel euphoric and powerful, and the brass lead fit this better.

As for my upcoming project “Spectrum,” the versatility of my production highlights the maturity of my sound. There’s a clear Pineapple Island sound to it in line with my previous work, but sonically it taps into all different emotions.

Q: Who would your dream collaboration be?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: In terms of other electronic artists, collaborating with Louis the Child would be wild. I’m obsessed with their sound design and synths. The way they’re able to manipulate sounds to turn them into something interesting.

Other artists I’d love to work with are Tove Lo and Chelsea Cutler. I’ve always thought Tove Lo has one of the coolest sounds and most unique writing styles. I could totally see my production style matching well with writing and vocals. Chelsea Cutler’s production style in her earlier, more electronic music really caught my attention and was an inspiration for me for getting into production.

Q: Are there any hidden music gems in NYC?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: I don’t know if I’d say this is necessarily hidden, but Bowery Electric is one my favorite places for music and just to hang out in NYC. Some nights they have shows with some awesome up and coming artists across lots of genres. The place itself is also just really cool because the first floor looks kinda like a normal bar, but then downstairs is this cool stage and dance floor (and usually plays the better music!).

Q: What do you do when you’re not making music?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: Well I just graduated college this month, so until recently that has definitely taken up a big chunk of my time. Other than that though, traveling is one of my favorite things. I love seeing as many places as possible and trying new experiences, especially adventure-type trips. I like to be very spontaneous.

Q: Anything you want to tell your fans?

PINEAPPLE ISLAND: Keep an eye out for new music and an EP! We shot a music video for “Still Call You” that just came out on YouTube. Next month I have this beautiful song called “Lighthouse” coming out. There’s a few other songs I’m very excited to share over the next few months. Follow along on my Instagram @pineappleislandmusic for updates!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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