“Transducer” by Stumble Steady

Alternative pop-rock at its finest, “Transducer” is a bright and utterly addictive new single from the amazing Stumble Steady.

Hailing from South Florida, Stumble Steady are a delightfully upbeat indie outfit that explore strong, meaningful themes with maturity and optimism. Each song houses a particular warmth that’s become synonymous with the groups sound. Influenced by the likes of Cage the Elephant, The 1975 and Dayglow, Stumble Steady have captured their own vibrant uniqueness in a similar fashion. Combining elements of indie pop, bedroom pop and alternative with infectious grooves and strong lyricism, “Transducer” is no exception.

Comprised of chief songwriter, Garret Kealer and the friends and fellow musicians who make up his multiple collaborators, Stumble Steady consistent songwriting tenacity is as many parts Kealer’s talent and ability as it is the powerhouse chemistry between him and his collaborators, expanding on the artists sound with every new single.

When asked about the single, songwriter Garrett Kealer said:

“When dealing with OCD it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts and to get lost in self-made false realities. The idea behind ‘Transducer’ was to take all of this negative energy and turn it into something positive that helps myself and others feeling a similar way.”

With powerful guitars, addictive bass and the wonderful vocals of both Kealer and co-vocalist Cara Harpest, “Transducer” is an utterly stunning new single from one of Florida’s most exciting upcoming artists. Rich in tenacious optimism and mature songwriting there’s no better song to get into Stumble Steady than this one. Stream “Transducer” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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