“Maybe (Cassette Mix)” by Jon Sandman

Jon Sandman has done it again, folks! On a roll with the momentum gained from his ballad “Maybe”, Jon has come back with 2 additional versions of the song: an upbeat, electro pop version, and a radio edit, too! 

Hailing from Oxford, UK, the creative mind behind these songs, Jon, has only been releasing his music since 2020. Within this short period of time, Sandman has already garnered quite a following with over thousands of listeners all across the United States and beyond! 

With his roots in Alternative rock, electronica, and Indie-folk, his newest release, “Maybe (Cassette Mix)” melds aspects of these genres together through a pulsating bassline, buzzing synths, and ethereal vocal overtones. And, if you are wondering how he is able to create such a vibrant soundscape, it is because not only is he talented in songwriting, but also adept at music production as well. While studying Acoustical Engineering at Southampton University, artist Jon Sandman recorded and released his first EP called ‘Plans’ (another great listen worth checking out). And since then, has released quite a few other singles and EPs.

Since his first EP, Jon Sandman has been on the creative up-&-up. Firmly influenced by Doves, Grizzly Bear, Spoon, and Beirut,  Jon’s music is perfect for listeners who want a twist from the Folk Electronica and Alternative Rock Realms. With his new release, Jon’s talent is highlighted by his ability to smoothly interweave pulsating 80s percussion and a rich, warm baritone vocal to give life to a new, and blissfully upbeat, indie-dance version of “Maybe”. With poetic themes and emotionally evocative imagery, Jon paints a romantic, bittersweet picture with his lyrics,

“I know it won’t last /  this was making this hard / I won’t dwell on the past / but I can’t disregard /should I call the caveltry / Have them arrest me / This electricity leaves me guilty as charged / you whisper into my ear only words that I want to hear / the scope of your love is deceptively large”.

If you are looking to dance and vibe to a new song this summer, I highly recommend Jon Sandman’s rendition of “‘Maybe’ (the Cassette Mix)”.

Written by Natalie Elena






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