“Calling” by Jack the Owl

Coming from The Hague in the Netherlands is a unique character who call himself Jack the Owl. The solo artist is making waves in the music world, with his second release getting some traction, he has put out a third single titled “Calling”. Jack the Owl aims to guide you through dark times in a spacey and energetic way, he wants to show you the duality of life and give you hope.

His music guides you through themes such as loneliness, isolation, self-acceptance, love and connection in a spacey and energetic way.  Showing you the duality of life, flying through darkness and entering the light. Giving hope.

You’ve heard the classic saying to always follow your dreams, don’t give up. When you’re younger it can sound kind of cliche but as you get older, you realize how right they are. “Calling” is a song about going after what you always wanted but were too afraid to do, this song is there to encourage people to stand up for themselves and to go after their dreams. 

In a few months Jack the Owl will be releasing an upcoming EP “The Words Kill the Dance” and more song that will be as amazing as “Calling” will be on there. The fun, inspiring song will quickly become a song that you love and will have stuck in your head. That repeat button is looking mighty fine.

Check out Jack the Owl’s “Calling” and his other songs while you wait for the EP, you won’t regret it. The inspirational artist is one to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Orion Nijman




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