“you will wonder” by Rob Johnson Music

An acoustic track centering around the melodies of a finger picked guitar, “you will wonder” by Rob Johnson Music is a beautiful and captivating song that ignites emotion in the listener despite having no lyrics.

Most avid music-listeners understand the message of a song through words. Maybe a particularly moody bass line or sorrowful guitar riff could clue them into the meaning of the song, but lyrics are typically the most obvious route to take in order to convey emotion. This makes “you will wonder” all the more impressive for being entirely instrumental. 

The ebb and flow of this song works perfectly to hold your attention and then subvert your expectations. A steady beat carries you through the track, but every time you think you know where the song is going to go, a surprising (yet satisfying) element is introduced. Different sections featuring drums or electronic instrumentation add a unique element each time the song goes through a sonic shift. The whole track is ambient, but the crisp sound and clear role of each instrument makes sure that you don’t get lost in the transcendent atmosphere. 

This song, as well as Rob Johnson Music’s entire upcoming album, was created during the time following his near-death experience. In “you will wonder,” you can feel the gratitude, wonder, and joy for life that this experience led to. Some parts of the song suspend you in time, others ground you and bring you into the present. Rob Johnson Music does a great job of taking a song and making it an experience.

Written by Emily Cushing





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