“Leave It All” by Avresa

At some point in life, people may begin to experience burnout within their workplace, or personal relationships due to various reasons. As a result, people begin to feel physically and/or mentally drained. Depending on the severity of their situation, individuals may choose to walk away from their job or relationship and make a fresh start for themselves. The single “Leave It All” by indie rock singer-songwriter Avresa highlights this subject matter.

“Leave It All” begins with a raw, infectious guitar riff followed by the introduction of a steady drumbeat. A change in dynamics occurs during the chorus as the drums deliver a beat that is quieter and lighter in sound. An acoustic guitar also makes an appearance, providing a soft, gentle riff. The composition contains a catchy sing along chorus, that serves to motivate listeners to leave an unpleasant situation and become a better version of themselves. “I can be more / I can be more/ But for who? / I can leave it all/ I can leave it all/ However this I do.” The vocals are rich and deep in tone and they are filled with raw, honest emotion. A brief instrumental break occurs within the composition as the synthesizer delivers light, earthy sounds. Another change in dynamics occurs more than halfway through the song as the drums briefly drop out and the guitar delivers a light, gentle strum. This leads up to the climatic point of the song as Avresa conveys his desire to reinvent himself and take the necessary steps to achieve this goal. The instrumentation gradually builds back up in sound again and the song ends with Avresa repeatedly singing the word surrender.

Avresa is based in Sydney, Australia and he has been creating music since 2020. His music can be heard on various music streaming services.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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