“Numb” by Shady Oaks

“Numb” by Denver, Colorado based blues rock act Shady Oaks is certainly fitting for their band name. The track begins with a dark, melancholy, folky guitar riff that immediately reminds you of Colter Wall; these starting notes would feel at home in a horror game or movie set on a desolate, apocalyptic farm or cabin amongst darkened oak trees. 

The song features a duet of both male and female vocals, lending depth to a narrative surrounding a conflict between two aching people.

Male vocalist Ty Gallaway enters first, taking the song on a rockier-sounding journey than the first few notes might imply first; he is also the bands’ lead guitarist, and his entry is fittingly matched with heavy guitars. Loren Dorland joins shortly afterward, telling the other perspective of the story; her voice possesses a rocky twang that sounds eerily similar to that of Miranda Lambert. 

The back and forth tells the tale of their relationship; the woman is alone, the man is numb. Though the two people are in a relationship together, they struggle to find comfort in one another, though the man seems keener to salvage the relationship. The song ends with a wailing, intricate guitar breakdown to convey the emotion and frustration of the song. 

The band cites The Black Keys, who create a similarly dark-feeling world in between their catchy riffs and bluesy sound. “Numb” has a dark, melancholy feel that immediately draws you in with the suspense.

We thoroughly enjoyed this release from Shady Oaks, and we look forward to upcoming releases from the group!

Reviewed by Sarah Yoerger





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