‘Involved’ by SØ and Notifi

There’s something to be said about good collaboration. Especially when it’s able to be done over any boundaries present. Working together from afar, artists SØ and Notifi were able to create a crisp and clean track that delves into the idea of love, even when there seems to be a disconnect. That would be their new single, ‘Involved.’ Check it out!

‘Involved’ is a beauty of an R&B track. It has just enough experimentation to keep things exciting while also holding up a restful and laid-back energy. There’s such a wonder that can be found within its synthy simplicity. The subtle bird calls and nature sounds utilized in this track just add to its wonder. It adds a sense of freedom and liveliness to the sound. There’s crisp production from SØ that lends its hand to this track, allowing all of the music’s color to flow through, and Notifi lays down some dynamic vocals with some amazing riffs. ‘Involved’ is one of those tracks that has a lot to show that transcends through both the production and musicianship.

The beauty in the music of ‘Involved’ also finds its way into the lyricism. This track explores a deeply passionate love in a beautiful way. “I just wanna know what’s on your mind / We get like this each and every time / I know things gon’ work, yes we’ll be fine / She said we better be, yeah,” the opening lyrics dive in with. This seems to explore an argument that is overcome by love. One where there’s a disconnect there, but one that will be worked through due to care for each other. There’s something so real about the way it explores relationships. In the artists’ own words, this is a song “about the back-and-forth between a love interest that’s playing hard to get.” This on and off can definitely be heard in the lyricism, but it’s overwhelmed by love and beauty.

SØ is an Atlanta-Based producer, and Notifi is the musician providing the vocals for ’Involved.’ Being their first time coming together, this is such a strong single. Their sounds intertwine amazingly, and hopefully, they’ll have a chance to work together again soon. SØ recorded in his Atlanta studio, and Notifi recorded in his studio in Toronto. The distance didn’t matter to these two at all, as they were effortlessly able to make things work. This track is such a chill bop, and it’s available to stream now.

Written by Sage Plapp

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