“Bahar” by islandman

In today’s day and age, people tend to want to seek out new and unique music, islandman should be first on your list. Lyricist and vocalist Tolga Böyük, psychedelic guitarist Erdem Baser, and drummer Eralp Güven make up the trio in Turkish electronic psychedelia mixed with African music and shamanic rhythms. Their recent release of their EP “Bahar” has their over 300,000 fan psyched.

“Sattava” is their first single on the EP, it provides a soothing, relaxing vibe. It makes you want to get into the kitchen and start cooking and drink a fancy glass of wine. The sexy sound of “Sattava” provide a sound that has been missing from your life, the trio knows how to set the mood.

Self titled song “Bahar” what you play while dinner is cooking, it makes you want to get up and dance. So grab a partner and get close. “Bahar” seems to have a slight EDM vibe to it and still keeping to the sexy vibe that “Sattava” gave off. “Bahar” is fun, and makes you want to smile, it’s a song that you and your friends can enjoy while having a few drinks.

Have you ever walked around while sad? If you say you haven’t then they’re lying. When you play “Sad Walk” from the trio you truly get the intention behind the name. When you walk around sad it’s a feeling that you sometimes can’t quite pinpoint, unlike like that feeling “Sad Walk” is something you can pinpoint and figure out. It’s a song that allows you to delve into your feelings.

Suspicious, elegant, mysterious, a few words that comes to mind when you play “Self Hypnosis”. The is the best way they could’ve ended the EP, it’s subtle yet impactful which you can say that about all of “Bahar”. The trio should be at the top of your list if they aren’t already, after “Bahar” you’re going to want to explore more of their music…do that.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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