“It’s a Wonderful Life” by Pastis

Based out of Helsinki, FInland, Pastis is a 5-piece band focused around the Indie Rock genre. With a melodic sway to their British Rock sound, Pastis entices listeners to relax and dance along to their newest release, “It’s a wonderful Life”. 

Starting with reverb’d vocals and a catchy guitar progression, “It’s a Wonderful life” pulls you into an almost ethereal, yet rocking soundscape with gritty guitar, steady drums, and haunting lyrics. With an introduction of “Hey Vivi are you coming back / Cause I don’t see you ‘round here” smoothly sung by their lead vocalist, Pastis’s newest song tells a bittersweet story that will tug at your heart strings. 

Not only do the vocals help to build an almost lonesome love story, but the melodic guitar solos highlight a darker tone as though reaching for a sound that is almost unattainable. The clever crossings between the guitar solos, baselines, and synth progressions help to create a sense of clashing between love and longing. As though there is something that is just out of reach, the story and instrumentation meld together to bring the listener on a journey of both Love and Loss. 

“Oh its a wonderful life, you’re looking for love then you die / and maybe the rain in the night is setting the mood, and I feel alone”. 

Although they have been releasing music since 2018, this young band has been unstoppable. Pastis’s first album “Circles” released in 2019, and comes highly recommended if you are a fan of British Rock. And, if you become obsessed, their second album in already in the works and will be released soon! With their songwriting in full swing and their name spreading across Europe, this Finnish band is reviving the Indie Rock scene with their anthemic music. If you are a fan of the Killers, The Cheap Thrills, and The Who, then I highly suggest you listen to Pastis. This band will not be stopping any time soon. So, be sure to check out “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and keep an eye out for any more new releases— I know I will!

Written by Natalie Elena





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