“In Spite of You” by No Matter

No Matter is a tight-knit pop punk band based out of Belfast, Ireland. This 4-piece collective has been releasing music since 2011 and have been on quite a musical journey since! With many tours and albums under their belt, they have been praised for their work alongside bands such as Sum 41, Blink 182 and Bad Religion. So, if you’re a fan of the 90’s punk scene, the discovery of this band is great news for you! Along with my recommendation to check out their older albums starting with “Ill Advised”, you can’t miss their newest song, “In Spite of You”. This release is truly one for any and all punk playlists.  

Their second release of 2022, “In Spite of You” gives you a glimpse into the next album No Matter will be releasing soon. In this song, No Matter’s Bassist, Cat, takes the lead and becomes the vocal powerhouse— not only delivering rough, attractive vocals with anthemic lyrics, but nailing bass as well. With pulsating rhythm and gritty-sounding execution of the guitar, No Matter highlights all the best that can be found in Punk. Each of their songs has a unique sound to it, due to the band’s 3 vocal leads. Not only do the members each play an instrument, but they also take turns taking lead vocals on each song! Whichever member wrote the song is the one to take the lead. This approach allows No Matter to bring a new perspective and sound to each song. So with each new song they deliver, expect a new, killer sound! 

With just the right amount of punch and energy, and a great blend between the percussion, guitar, bass, and vocal harmonies, “In spite of you” will have you jumping around and singing along in no time. 

Inspired by the many genres of rock from 80s punk to post hardcore and even some outsiders such as Motown and Metal, No Matter creatively weaves sounds from each style to create a blended melodic punk sound that is addicting to listen to. If you’re a fan of of the Punk Scene, then you will definitely enjoy their latest release, “In Spite of You”! Trust me, you do not wanna miss out on this band!

Written by Natalie Elena





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