“Pureocracy” by Sickpay

Brooklyn based solo artist Mike Birnbaum aka Sickpay has released long awaited EP “Pureocracy”. The drummer, guitarist, and producer says that this 5 track is punk fueled and embraces chaos and catchy hooks with equal vigor. This was born in the darkest days of the pandemic and brings together the high energy of rock, punk, grunge and pop.

“Pureocracy” starts off with “Quiet As A Joke”, a seemingly quiet song that switches off between heavy and mellow. It’s just enough for you to want to finish your beer so you can get ready to mosh soon. “Quiet As A Joke” is the kind of song that makes you want to get into your head and maybe get a little emotional.

The EP continues to build up, as “Devoid” starts to play you will most defintiely head bang a little bit. This song makes you want to smile and cry and have fun with your friends. The two songs have put you in this headspace that everything will be okay.

As said, “Pureocracy” is punk fueled and high energy, “How Many Times” showcases that. This is the song that is going to make you want to mosh you with your friends and the strangers around you. The fun guitar mixed with the heavy drums really sets the song off.

“Generosity” sticks to the same high energy that “How Many Times” provided. This song stays heavy, fast and fun throughout it all. This is pure elegance to your ears, you can only imagine how fun it would be to see this song played live.

Self titled songs are always the best because it seems to be the anthem for the artist. “Sickpay” makes you want to get up and dance, this is the perfect outdoor song like going to the skatepark and just letting loose. This is truly a song that you can be yourself to and just have fun.

Sickpay has made a name for themselves with this EP, they may soon be a favorite of yours. Keep playing “Pureocracy” on repeat and keep an eye out for any future releases.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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