“Free Heart” by Thegraceisback

Gorgeous only begins to describe Thegraceisback’s newest release, “Free Heart”. Elegant piano lines push and pull at your emotions, easily capturing the different moods. Fully a cappella, this lovely song will have you yearning for more by the end.

To make a song interesting is impressive in and of itself, but to do so fully on your own is no easy task. “Free Heart” was chock full of emotion and passion, which was conveyed in a beautiful and approachable way. Rich harmonies blended seamlessly with the delicate harmonies. Although everything was a cappella it never sounded thin or unsupported. Instead, the various different moods would coincide with one another deepening the whole listening experience.

One of the first things I noticed was the delicacy and the impact of the harmonies. They never overshadowed the melody, but also managed to bolster whatever was happening alongside them. Every new section was as beautiful as the last, while expanding the song’s energy in new and cool ways. Whenever I felt comfortable and thought I knew what was coming next, Thegraceisback would take everything in a new direction. “Free Heart” was easy to listen to and relaxing, yet constantly fresh and exciting. I simply adored how easily everything tied together.

Defined by the elegance and easy-going beauty, “Free Heart” is one of those songs that leaves you feeling warm inside. Not only that, but clocking in at just over three and a half minutes leaves it the perfect length to fully capture and articulate the emotions, without sounding overwhelming.

“Free Heart” by Thegraceisback is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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