Dark and alluring, “Weirdo” is a captivating new release from one of the finest dark electro pop artists of this generation – IRYS.

Based in Berlin, IRYS is an upcoming dark electro-pop singer/songwriter who has released amazing song after amazing song for the past several months. Her beautifully dark aura and ability to craft incredible music has allowed the young artist to grow a budding fanbase in such a short space of time.

Despite housing pretty shades of Tove Lo and Charlie XCX, “Weirdo” is an utterly unique song, rich in IRYS’ lush production and spooky undertones. Burning along with passion and intensity, the song is defined by its catchy vocal hook and stunning guitar riff. IRYS blends electro pop and trip hop together with her unique, dark, and brooding vocal melodies.

WEIRDO’ is about feeling like you don’t fit in and then meeting a person who pretends they understand you, but in the end, make you feel even weirder for who you are!” – IRYS

IRYS is a DIY artist who writes, records and produces all her music in her bedroom. Through this, she achieves a delightfully raw sound that makes her music more intimate and personal stripping away needless production elements for a simple and full sonic landscape.

At the start of her promising career, there’s no better time to dive into the Berlin artists amazing discography, already rich in eclectic passion and gorgeous production. Stream IRYS’ new track “Weirdo” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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