“Suite of Flow” by AUXR

Auke Riemersma, the Netherlands-based artist under the name AUXR, has a new electrifying, a bit foreboding, and highly mesmerizing EP, “Suite of Flow.” Comprised of three guitar-driven songs with addicting beats, “Suite of Flow” is the ultimate escape from reality, even if it is just for fifteen minutes. 

For over a decade, Auke has been making music, perfecting his craft with disco dance-floor beats for fifteen years. Auke has had different aliases, once going by Auxiliary tha Masterfadar, creating Italo disco and electro-funk music. Since then, the type of music that Auke has begun to make is like nothing heard before. While “Suite of Flow” pays homage to his disco roots, the EP brings an entirely new light to electronic music with the down-tempo vibes and an overall ambient feeling. 

Just as the rest of the world began to shut down during the height of the pandemic, so did those same dance floors that Auke created music for. In the same way that the music stopped playing, so did Auke’s inspiration and love for creating that type of music. With the pandemic being such a stressful and uncertain time, Auke began to develop calming music instead of dance music. With that calmness came AUXR and “Suite of Flow.”

“Suite of Flow” begins with “Canada,” a trippy, illusive instrumental song with a captivating melody and almost foreboding feeling. At the same time, the down tempo beat brings peacefulness to the listener. Following “Canada” is “Dope,” which ultimately belongs in a dramatic opera or movie. The soundscape of beats, strings, bass, and an emotional (almost romantic) melody, without any lyrics at all, truly tells an intense story. The last song on the EP, “Enjoy the Sounds,” is the ultimate zone-out song. Imagine walking down the street with your headphones on and tuning out the world; that is what “Enjoy the Sounds” encapsulates. 

Check out “Suite of Flow”, out now on all music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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