“Perfect Stranger x Gretzky’s Advice” by Ben Teeny

Ben Teeney is a Canadian songwriter with catchy, dancey brand of emo-pop. He has been breaking onto the scene since 2018 and ever since, it’s just been hit after hit. Ben is creating music that anyone can listen to, he claims to be your mom’s favorite artist….is he wrong though? With over 18,000 monthly Spotify listeners, one’s bound to be your mom.

“Perfect Stranger” is the first part of a two song release. It was made after Ben developed a crush on a best friend and after that didn’t go the way he wanted it to, he wrote the track “Gretzky’s Advice. “Perfect Stranger” is the perfect summer hit for your broken little heart, almost everyone has had a crush on their bestie…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It the case that is doesn’t a hit song like “Perfect Stranger” comes along.

Although you feel bad for the pain that Ben is going through, he did make a banger. “Perfect Stranger” will make you want to dance your heart out. As your by the pool with your friends and having a few drinks, you will fall in love with this single.

If you’re not already loving Ben Teeny then you will soon when “Gretzky’s Advice”, the continuation of the story is something to be desired. While still on the pop end, it’s got a sort of somber mood to this song, the realization of the decision you made has now sunk in.

If this is your first introduction to Ben Teeny, then you are lucky, these two songs showcases the different sides of him. That is something that you can’t help but to love in an artist, the two releases from the solo artist will be on repeat in head for days to come.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: CRUZ @vnyvc




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