“I DONT CARE” by misc_alt_

“I DONT CARE” by misc_alt_ is the epitome of chill, indie, atmospheric music. It seamlessly combines a heavily-produced vocal sound with some organic instrumentation, including live-sounding drums and guitar. Lyrically, it falls in this beautifully half-metaphorical, half-realistic realm lush with mentions of dragons, cigarettes, and the concept of not caring what other people think. Get ready for this song to simultaneously relax you and captivate you.

It opens with some soulful vocal samples, slipping in and out suddenly. The vocalist chimes a few soft opening lyrics with this intensely clear, androgynous tone. As you find yourself soaking in these washy, rhythmless moments, synths and basslines fill the mix, building to the moment the drums kick in. The singer croons, “We could fly on a dragon’s body,” just as a few snare and tom hits introduce a whole new groove. The beat swells with hi-hats, guitar rakes, and newly pulsing synths. This feel will continue through most of the rest of the tune, giving it that ideal, indie-rock identity.

Throughout the next 3 minutes, some other fascinating things occur. The singer cries, “I don’t know what I think of me anymore,” as some eerie, harmonically entrancing background vocals repeat the word “anymore.” A simple and repetitive guitar solo twinkles behind the voices, quickly dissolving back into that tuneful, recognizable verse.

Give this track a spin if you’re looking for something like Alex G but with a bright, high-pitched, gentle vocalist. You’ll doubtlessly fall in love with Misc_Alt_’s style, production, and message.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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