“Falling” by Ruiz!

Ruiz! is a Sheffield, Uk based solo artist who is a multi instrumentalist, he also is his own producer, as well as writes and songs his own songs. The Sheffield artist recorded his latest single “Falling” with his laptop, some extra live instruments and all while in lockdown.

“Falling” is a single that was originally was going to be called “Fate”, the 80s song will make you realize that listening to “Falling” was your fate. Ruiz! has been releasing music since only 2020 and it seems that he is already catching that eyes and ears of many people. “Falling” has caught notice of over 6,500 people on Spotify and counting, Ruiz! will have you immediately hooked.

Ruiz! has a music video released that you have to watch, it takes you on a trip that you didn’t expect. The calming song mixed with semi chaotic video is a combination that you have been missing in your life. “Falling” will become your favorite song before you even finish it.

The post punk, techno song will take you back in time, as you enjoy “Falling” you’re going to want to listen to more of his songs and they do not disappoint. As you close your eyes and listening to Ruiz!, you’ll be falling, falling, falling, into a trance.

Ruiz! is soon to be or already your favorite artist, kick back and relax as you listen to “Falling”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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