‘Misery Loves Company’ by Kellan.

Things suck sometimes. And by sucks, they are absolutely bonkers awful. We all face pain, trauma, and heartbreak to some capacity in our lives. That’s why one of the most important things is having people by our side at our lowest. We all need friends who will accept us with our pain and grieve with us. That’s what music artist Kellan.’s latest track ‘Misery Loves Company’ is all about.

‘Misery Loves Company’ is an absolute head-bumping bop. There’s something optimistic and nice about its sound, and the quick tempo hits all the right beats. The instrumentation and vocals have a succinctness to them that builds a great flow. It’s amazing to hear as the quick energetic singing punches into an even higher tempo rapping. Great use is made of the piano basis, and the bass fills out the sound tons, it’s amazing how the energy shifts back and forth so pertinently. This track is filled with a dynamic energy you don’t want to miss.

‘Misery Loves Company’ comes from, “the ideation came from a time when Kellan. and a close friend were both grieving their own losses in life,” as mentioned in a press release. It’s about being absolutely broken, but having someone else there to grieve with you and take care of you. It’s about having friends who stick around through your grief and trauma, even when they’re in the same space. Sometimes to get through it, it takes others and falling into your own kind of coping. This track is well-lyricised and tells its message in such a nice way.

Kellan. is a self-made musician and producer who has been on the rise. Recently he’s hit 17,000 followers between his Instagram and TikTok, and he’s quickly amassed over 1 million streams. Kellan. has come a long way in a short amount of time, and  ‘Misery Loves Company’ is his second single of 2022. This artist has released some amazing pieces of music, and it’s wonderful to think of where he’ll go next. 

Written by Sage Plapp



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