“Only For A Minute” by Alex Uhlmann

The finality of endings can be a hard thing to grapple with, especially when it comes to the ending of a relationship. We find ourselves lost without the person who had once been so constant, trying to figure out how to move on. In “Only For A Minute” by Alex Uhlmann, he explores the idea of knowing the end of a relationship is for the best while simultaneously missing the memories of being with the other person. The track features a unique indie pop style, acoustic guitar, and lovely strings.

The song opens with asking “could I have stayed any longer?” This is quickly answered with the line: “now that you’re far away, now that we’re history/I know that it was wrong, I couldn’t stay.” When a relationship ends, doubt and regret begin to creep in. But after gaining distance and reflecting, Uhlmann knows that this love was meant to end.

Despite this knowledge, there is still a desire to have one more minute with that person. Maybe to find some extra closure, maybe to sharpen a memory, or maybe just to relieve a beautifully nostalgic time the couple once had.

Stripped back production places the vocals and lyrics of the song at the forefront, while still remaining captivating and unique. The lyrics are so vulnerable, and lines like “I want to know where you’ve been” have a blunt honesty to them. “Only For A Minute” perfectly puts into words that strange feeling of missing someone when you know you don’t actually want them back.

Written by Emily Cushing





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