“Resting Sad Face” by Roni Jean

Roni Jean is a kick ass Asian American indie artist from Chico, CA. She is a singer and bassist who is backed by keyboardist Jacob McDonald, drummer Jaik Hakkarinen and on guitar and synths is happysunbean. The group initially got together during the beginning of the pandemic, they wrote their first song “Lemon Lies” together and because of they amazing chemistry they decided to become a band. That led to more writing and rehearsals which lead to their first show last year in March.

Now here you are on year later and if you have been wondering what they have been up to, here’s your chance to catch up. They released their first album “Resting Sad Face” which was recorded at Apollo School of Music in Chico, CA by guitarist happysunbean who also produced the album, they also mixed the album with the help of Dale Price after all that was finished, it was sent off to get mastered by Johnathan Kirchner.

We all know a good classic RBF, it’s the face you make when you’re just not having it. There’s many faces to make when you’re over it, such as a RSF…resting sad face. They decided on “Resting Sad Face” being the title because Roni typically has a natural melancholic face which goes alone great with the somber esq music she makes.

“Resting Sad Face” starts off with a song that is sure to get your emotions running high, “Gold in the Way” which is starts off as an acoustic song that gives off Lana Del Rey vibes. Close your eyes and drift off to a different plane with the group.

Some people get lucky enough to have had a great relationship and have immediately found their one, they may argue sometimes but it’s not toxic. On the other hand some people don’t have that same experience. “Almost Not Ideal” is about a failing relationship and how hard it is to escape an abusive relationship.

This showcases more of Roni’s soothing vocals, the group makes you look deep within yourself and really address the inner issues. They help you get out of your head while also being in your head. “Almost Not Ideal” is the dark, melancholic song everyone needs.

As you go down the album and you get to “Pretend You’re Not There”, you’ll realize why Roni Jean will be your favorite artist. The versatility mixed with the unique lyrics and deep bass lines will have anyone hooked. When you finish the album you’ll be left wanting more, Roni Jean is the artist to listen to.

“Our debut album “Resting Sad Face” served as a creative coping mechanism through rough relationships and times of stress. At the same time we are proud to release these spooky dark sounds into the world for everyone to hear and relate to my story”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo: @alunohalf,





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