“She Don’t Care” by Marcus Smith

“She Don’t Care” by Marcus Smith sounds like it was made for a night out, and is sure to get you dancing and having a great time. The upbeat style and driving rhythm create an energetic track about a newfound attraction well on its way to becoming love.

“She only sleeps when the sun rises.” The muse of this song is more enigma than woman, and Smith is infatuated with her. This woman is “free as a bird” and “moves to her own time.” It’s clear that she’s her own person, and the confidence with which she carries herself has caught Smith’s attention. This song does a beautiful job of capturing that moment when you’re out somewhere and catch someone’s eye. Suddenly, they are all that you see. All you know is that you want to know more. 

The seamless blend of pop and dubstep elements set the scene of a night out at a club. Everyone’s dancing, looking for someone that might make their night a little more interesting. Smith spots this woman, noticing that “she dance like she don’t care.” Now, she’s all he thinks about it. 

“She Don’t Care” builds intrigue about this girl as we slowly learn more. She’s dancing, she’s drinking, she’s capturing the attention of everyone. The lighthearted and fun style of the song makes the listener want to dance just like her- like the present is the only thing that really matters. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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