“Number One Fool” by Tony Don Tracy

“Number One Fool” by Tony Don Tracy laments over being used by a lover who doesn’t appreciate him. Sometimes our infatuation takes over our common sense, and our feelings for another person aren’t logical. Even though Don Tracy knows that this person is just using him, he comes back to them again and again because he can’t override his love for them. 

“Your number one fool will come running back to you.” Don Tracy is a self-certified fool, comparing himself to a windup toy that is hardwired to go back to this person again and again. Unfortunately, a lot of us probably have some experience with that one ex-love having too much power over us. You know that you’re better off without the relationship, but if they called, you wouldn’t hesitate to answer. 

The swinging rhythm of this song, along with the driving drums and upbeat guitar, don’t quite match the heavy lyrical content. It’s an effective stylistic choice that shows us the resigned acceptance of the situation. Don Tracy knows he’s being used, but he also hasn’t taken the many opportunities he’s had to leave. A part of him wants to continue the one-sided relationship. 

Lyrics like “you played me just right” and “you keep them on a string” show us just how much power this person has over Don Tracy and others. The muse of this song is conniving, manipulative, and unappreciative, but Tony Don Tracy will keep on going back to them as their “Number One Fool.”

Written by Emily Cushing




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