“Purple Hydrangea” by A Tree On A Hill

Plants have always been a commonplace item in homes around the world, but the past couple of years have made gardening one of the top interests due to a lot of time being spent at home for – reasons. With that, many of the new plant parents out there, and those who have always been in tune with the foliage and greenery around them are going to fully appreciate the sounds rooted in the latest from A Tree On A Hill, especially “Purple Hydrangea.”

From the start, A Tree On A Hill has fully embraced the natural world around him. Composing modern classical music that takes a page from both the sea and the land, he’s already delivered two EPs, but now he’s focusing on the budding charm of it all with his 2022 releases. First came “Red Salvia,” a more uptempo moment. Now A Tree On A Hill is following up that with the more subdued nature of “Purple Hydrangea.” Moved by the plant’s life cycle, he mimics it using the piano and violin in ways that mirror the elements it needs to grow as well as the results. Those that garden will connect, and those who don’t will just appreciate the subtle approach and calming tones of “Purple Hydrangea” nonetheless. 

A Tree On A Hill dropped a pair of EPs in 2021. ‘Lying Under Trees’ and ‘Mellow Waves.’ The inspiration of those in the album titles, and now the Switzerland-based composer has his eyes on a new aspect of the world around us this year. To hear all of the above, including “Purple Hydrangea,” make sure to check out A Tree On A Hill on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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