“Slow Burn” by Dave Asher

Chill and ambient piano music to drift away to, “Slow Burn” is a delightful new track from one of Chicago’s most enticing new instrumental artists.

Relaxing but sonically invigorating, this new track from Asher is intimate in essence and cinematic in scope and execution. Subtle passion underpins this tracks experience, cementing Asher’s sound as something wholly transcendent, pulling you into a world of nostalgic innocence. Ideal for meditating, “Slow Burn” houses a euphoric simplicity that makes it incredibly easy to vibe out to.

Drenched in a beautiful sonic soundscape, its easy to see why Asher has successfully garnered a budding fanbase, enamored by his talent as a pianist and songwriter. Housing the scope of a blockbuster soundtrack, “Slow Burn” keeps you listening all the way through its 5:07 runtime with its delicate emotion. Recorded in Asher’s home studio in Chicago there’s a warm vibe to the track spurred on by its chill production.

An enticing and endearing new instrumental, “Slow Burn” is a tremendous single from Dave Asher. Smooth and delicate while harboring tons of clever, intricate examples of musicianship, it’s a beautiful single that’s also the perfect track to introduce you to Asher’s amazing sound. Stream “Slow Burn” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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