“Loneliest Place in the World” by Frank Joshua

A gorgeous single driven by its incredible piano work, “Loneliest Place in the World” is a unique experience that takes you somewhere you’ll never want to leave.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment this track whisks you away to a serene place of beauty and peace, but it does so effortlessly, nonetheless. The production is captivatingly smooth ands gives the track a tranquility that’s incredibly endearing. Almost 5 minutes in length, “Loneliest Place in the World” is just the right amount of time to pull you in and leave you satisfied with its dreamy finish.

Based in the UK, Frank Joshua has amassed a strong following of avid fans in a relatively short space of time. Another testament to his talent as a musician is the outpouring from fans, crying out for this track to be released as it was the only one not released off the album. Accompanied by the visual wonders of Diego Monfredini’s, the single has garnered well deserved praise from fans and critics alike.

An incredible talent with a stunning discography and strong fan base that’s constantly growing, Frank Joshua has successfully crafted a gorgeous sound full of emotion and originality. This new track is a prime example of that and is a definite must for any instrumental fans. There’s no better time to get into Joshua than now. Stream “Loneliest Place in the World” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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