“Feel Like Summer” by David Nolf

An addictive pop track that sticks in your head and leaves you desperate for me, “Feel Like Summer” is the perfect track for summer 2022.

Spurred on by its unique pairing of upbeat optimism and subtle nostalgia, “Feel Like Summer” is a wholly unique experience that reminds of youthful summer trips and the simplicity of being young in the sun. Drenched in modern pop sensibilities and housing similarities to Harry Styles new work, David Nolf has successfully crafted an original sound that’s both reminiscent of past pop hits and future bound.

Anthemic and catchy, the single also houses superb lyricism and an emotional maturity often absent in pop music. Strong vocals and upbeat instrumentation give the track a repeat quality that’s hard to ignore. There’s a bit of an 80’s pop ting to the jangly soundscape that makes the track all the more nostalgic in the best way possible.

The production is ideal for the guitars and vocals to be heard powerfully while still sounding full and rch alongside the bass and drums. Featuring the talents of both David Nolf and Bradley Denniston, “Feels Like Summer” hits all the right marks, cementing it as one of Nolf’s most exciting tracks yet. Released under Radium Records, the single is already making waves and adding more listeners to Nolf’s budding fanbase.

A superb single that pulls you in from its bright, upbeat intro, “Feels Like Summer” is a must for fans of clever pop songwriting or anyone looking for something fresh this summer. Stream “Feels Like Summer” today!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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